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Heralding fall with chanterelle mushrooms

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Dinner is served: chanterelle soup topped with sauteed chanterelles

While fall brings cooler weather (and more rain if you live in the Pacific Northwest), it also signals that it’s time to cook new things! Goodbye gazpacho and summer salads; hello squash, soup, hot tea, and chanterelles (not all together, of course).

Making chanterelle soup with shallots and saffron

The other day, I learned that my market of choice had a special on chanterelles. Immediately, I wanted to cook something with them besides just sautéing them in butter. While you can find many types of mushrooms year-round, chanterelles are highly seasonal. Not only do they have a large and almost flower-like shape, they have a nutty flavor that’s delicious. Now that we knew where to find chanterelles, we had to find a worthy recipe. A search online led us to a good chanterelle soup recipe and off we went! This recipe for chanterelle soup is from Hank Shaw, who has won numerous accolades, including a James Beard award for his blog.

In addition to chanterelles, this soup calls for shallots and saffron. I love shallots. They are some of the most flavorful onions. So, adding shallots was an easy sell. Adding saffron struck me as a bit odd. However, the saffron did 2 things: 1) it added an earthy flavor that meshed well with chanterelles, 2) it enhanced the overall color of the soup as saffron is a deep yellow color.

Beautiful chanterelle mushrooms with their flower-like shape

If mushrooms aren’t your thing, check out my post on cooking inspiration for plenty of ideas on where to find recipes plus a few of my current favorites from famous chefs and trusted cooking sites.

Happy cooking!

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