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Welcome to Bikes and Butter! Here's to travel, food, and adventure! 

Greetings! Let me tell you a bit about who I am and why I created this site. I'm a native of the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.A. who got the travel bug and has wanted to visit more places around the world since then! I've also worked extensively in the travel industry. I've lived in Turkey and traveled all over Europe and Asia. One of my favorite ways to travel is by bicycle. It's a wonderful way to get off the beaten path, explore the countryside, and meet lovely locals along the way. In my travels, I seek out open-air markets, architecture, neighborhoods that aren't on a heavily worn tourist circuit, and local culinary delights. I'm also an avid home cook. I grew up in a wonderful home where both parents did a lot of cooking. My father was doing the farm-to-table thing before that even had a name. He grew basil in our yard and made his own pesto. My mom, sister, and I would often help with the pesto-making festivities. My father also made own wine as a hobby. Growing up around all this instilled a love of cooking and shared family time over meals. 

I love to travel and during my trips, I would often post on Facebook each day to share the sights, eats, and experiences with family back home. After I took a trip somewhere, I was often asked for recommendations. In the past, I wrote up detailed recommendations as Word documents and shared them. However, posting on Facebook was limited to my friends and Word documents are very static. So, after thinking about it for a while and at the request of friends who ask for travel or cooking tips, I decided to start this blog, Bikes and Butter, to share my experiences with travel, food, and adventure with you! Thank you for visiting. Please subscribe to receive updates and the latest posts and share with friends who might enjoy this site too! 

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